CBE | Christian Brensing Enterprises Ltd.
Christian Brensing

CBE was founded by Christian Brensing in 2005.

After graduating with an M.A. from the Royal College of Art (RCA), London in 1989 he lectured there before being recruited by Zaha M. Hadid Architects, London. From 1993-2004 he was a staff member of Ove Arup & Partners Consulting Engineers, London and Berlin before joining CBP Consulting Engineers, Munich, for one year.

Due to the increasing international nature of the work the company was set up as a British Limited Company in January 2012.

Since 2015 Christian Brensing has been teaching the subject Marketing at the AMM Architecture Media Management M.A. course at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences.

Christian Brensing spends his time regularly in London and Berlin.